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“I started Jelly Exotics as a personal blog in February 2019, as a way to showcase my growing collection of exotic pets – without terrifying my friends on Facebook! As my confidence grew and I started gaining more knowledge on a variety of species, I decided to approach a local rescue centre (Rainbow Rescue Telford) about helping them take in exotic species.

Under the wing of Rainbow Rescue, I have taken in over 25 animals in need, with 13 already finding their forever homes. I have secured a strong relationship with a fantastic exotic veterinary practice, as well as a local exotic pet shop. My aim was always to be a rescue of my own, and now I have the team behind me to make it happen!

Going into 2020, we are undergoing a full change-over…

  • We have rebranded, adopting a consistent theme across all of our digital and traditional marketing platforms.
  • We have talked with our local council to discuss potential licensing – something we do not require as a charitable organisation but we have decided to perform to the licensing standards regardless.
  • We have registered as a charitable organisation with HMRC, and plan to register with the Charity Commission should we become eligible. This involved writing a Charity Constitution, as well as forming a team of trustees.
  • We have public liability insurance with Cliverton, allowing us to educate the public, run events, and continue our usual rescue and rehoming work, as well as pet sit and support pet owners.

This year is a big year for us, and we’re excited to share it with you!”

Alex Murray
– Founder of Jelly Exotics

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