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Our Trustee’s have lots of animals of their own, some of which are available for displays, talks and parties alongside animals from the rescue. To find out about the animals permanently in our care, click on each of the images below.

If you’re looking for our list of rescue animals, please click here.




Leopard Geckos

Crested Geckos

Gargoyle Geckos







All of our animals are fully assessed before being available for encounters, to ensure the public and the animals are safe at all times.

Corn SnakesPantherophis guttatus

Corn snakes are long, thin colourful constricting snakes, found in North America. They can be pretty docile, but sometimes feisty and quite quick.

Name: Kelloggs
Nicknames: Kelly, Kellz, Grumpy
Gender: Male
Size: About 4ft long
Personality: An angry snake that doesn’t like being removed from the tank. Loves their food and staying hidden.

Name: Sidney
Nicknames: Sid, Sleepy, Speedy
Gender: Male
Size: About 4ft long
Personality: A silly snake who will often be found sleeping out in the open. Good to handle but quick!

Name: Slither
Nicknames: Fatty, Chubbz, Sweetie
Gender: Female
Size: About 5ft long
Personality: A sweet snake who rarely leaves her hide. She’s overweight but very docile to handle

Crested GeckosCorrelophus ciliatus

Crested geckos are sticky-footed, derpy-faced squishies. They are found only on the island of New Caledonia and live on insects and fruit.

Name: Coco Pops
Nicknames: Squishy, Baby, Coco
Gender: Unknown
Size: About 5 inches with the tail
Personality: An absolute cutie, who will run away from your hand in the tank, but sit with you happily once out.

Name: Dusk
Nicknames: Baby 1
Gender: Unknown
Size: About 3.5 inches with the tail
Personality: These guys are only babies still, but they are really friendly and jump around plenty!

Name: Dawn
Nicknames: Baby 2, Little One
Gender: Unknown
Size: About 3.5 inches with the tail
Personality: These guys are only babies still, but they are really friendly and jump around plenty!

Leopard GeckosEublepharis macularius

Leopard geckos are unlike their crested cousins, and have clawed toes instead of sticky ones. They are purely insectivorous and are found in south-east Asia.

Name: Ginger
Nicknames: Pretty Girl
Gender: Female
Size: About 8 inches with the tail
Personality: Ginger is a curious little thing. She’ll comes to your hand and doesn’t mind being picked up.

Name: Gizmo
Nicknames: Shy Boy
Gender: Female (male in my head)
Size: About 8 inches with the tail
Personality: A sweet, shy gecko. Will have head scratches sometimes, but prefers to be left alone.

Name: Sky
Nicknames: Spotty
Gender: Female
Size: About 8 inches with the tail
Personality: Very cute, more happy to be handled but still quite flighty. Loves wax-worms!

Giant African MantisSphodromantis viridis

These guys are from Africa, and grow to be about 3 inches. They more commonly have a vibrant green colour, and are very docile.

Name: Lucky Charm
Nicknames: Charm, Beauty, Queen
Gender: Female
Size: About 3 inches
Personality: A beautiful creature who will happily sit on your hand or shoulder for hours. Loves her crickets!

Giant Shield MantisRhombodera basalis

This is an Asian species of mantis, and can grow up to 4-5 inches! They are usually green with a large, flat thorax.

Name: Unknown
Nicknames: Squish
Gender: Unknown
Size: Currently, about 1cm!
Personality: Haven’t quite got to know it too well yet, but it’s so tiny and cute! Eats its body weight in flies.

Ghost MantisPhyllocrania illudens

These guys are my favourite species of mantis. They have very special camouflage, making them look like a dead leaf. They are from Africa.

Name: Raven
Nicknames: Ghost
Gender: Unknown
Size: Currently, about 2cm!
Personality: Haven’t got to know it too well yet, but it’s very interesting to watch – lots of swaying!

Royal PythonPython regius

These guys are the smallest African python species, and a mark of royalty in Africa was to own and wear these snakes. They are slow, clumsy and docile.

Name: Monty
Nicknames: Chubby Noodle, Pretty Girl
Gender: Female (unconfirmed)
Size: Around 3ft
Personality: She’s a very sweet, curious snake, slow moving and handling her eases my stress the most.

Mexican Red Knee TarantulaBrachypelma hamorii

Originating from Mexico (really!?), these spiders have beautiful red markings. They are a “New World” tarantula, so prefers to flick irritating hairs than bite.

Name: Treacle
Nicknames: Angry, Grumpy, Meany
Gender: Unknown
Size: About a 3 inch leg-span
Personality: Currently not a fan of being handled, hopefully this will get better with age, beautiful none-the-less.

Flat Rock ScorpionHadogenes troglodyte

Found in Africa, these large scorpions are often thought to be squashed as they lie very flat to get into tight rock piles.

Name: Power
Nicknames: Beast, Monster, Beauty
Gender: Female
Size: About 4 inches to base of tail
Personality: This girl is a gorgeous monster. Very docile to handle and loves her food so far.

Giant African Land SnailsAchatina fulica

Obviously from Africa, these aren’t your everyday garden snails (unless you live in Africa) These guys grow to be about hand-size.

Names: Constance & John
Nicknames: Slimeballs
Gender: Asexual
Size: Currently the size of a peanut!
Personality: These guys are super cute. They wander around the tank, eating lettuce leaves and cuttlefish bone.

Indian Stick InsectsCarausius morosus

No exotic collection is complete without a few stick insects. These are found in India, and females will continually lay fertile eggs during adulthood that will hatch after several months.

Names: Various stick-related names
Nicknames: The Stickies
Gender: Female
Size: Currently 1 inch in length.
Personality: Stick insect nymphs are very cute, they waddles around with 6 legs and munch on bramble.

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