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We use this term to describe any snakes within the Boidae family, which includes the commonly seen pets of: true boas – that are large, non-venomous constrictors; Sand boas – small, constrictors designed for burrowing in sand and Rainbow Boas, beautiful medium-size snakes that have iridescent scales.

Mercury – Crawl Cay Dwarf Boa (Boa constrictor)

Lives with: Alex
Year Hatched: 2017 approx.
Gender: Unknown
Bio: Mercury is a young dwarf boa, who was a rescue case that Alex adopted as her own. He is still quite nervous and is therefore only available for small events, or those with an adult audience.

Available for displays

Pearl – Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria)

Available for displays

Lives with: Alex
Year Hatched: Unknown
Gender: Female
Bio: Pearl is the largest snake in our family, being 6ft long. She was a rescue case that came in to us our of incorrect conditions. She has permanent scarring on her eyes because of this, but this doesn’t seem to affect her sight and she is docile and patient. She is with us for the rest of her life due to her ongoing issue with her eyes and her perfect attitude for education displays.