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My name is Alex, and I’m 24 years old! I work full-time as a Content Executive in the marketing team for Lyreco UK & Ireland, but have a very diverse job history prior to that. I founded Jelly Exotics in 2019, and can’t wait to see how it develops in the years to come.

In terms of my experience with exotic species, I did complete a Level 2 Animal Care course at Walford College while at school (alongside Jess), and planned to become a specialised vet after college, which unfortunately fell through when I developed a severe anxiety disorder. I had several jobs after college instead, and eventually got a job working for a couple who did animal displays and owned a farm/equine facility. This will forever be one of my most amazing experiences. I spent most of my time looking after animals and maintaining the farm. They had everything, including reptiles, invertebrates, meerkats, emu, horses, farm animals and birds of prey.

With Bramble, a Barn Owl
Office Views
With William, a Harris Hawk

In terms of owning exotic species, when I turned 10, I was gifted with a beautiful Milksnake, who I called Milkshake (Shakey for short!). Unfortunately he escaped a year or so later and we never found him again, and it wasn’t until I was 13, that I was treated to owning a Bearded Dragon, called Puff. He was an amazing creature, and unfortunately died of cancer at the age of 6! It was 2018 before I owned another reptile, and from there I grew to now owning 12 reptiles and a number of invertebrates.

With Mercury, a Crawl Cay Dwarf Boa
With Pearl, a Brazilian Rainbow Boa
With Sherbet, a Leopard Gecko

In terms of me as a person, I’d describe myself as crazy, a little bit weird but a massive people person. I absolutely love helping people with their animals. I can usually be found working on my laptop and listening to music, drinking tea or cleaning out my animals. I play D&D and used to be an avid horse rider; my horse is currently out on loan. I’ve dipped in to lots of things, including working with children, cosplay and crafting.

With Clyde, one of two cats I own

When I worked as a Faerie Queen for children’s parties
Riding Shannon, my Welsh Sec D