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Heath is a young, normal corn snake. He was found by a family in their hedge, who called for assistance in removing him. He looks to be around 6 months old. Due to the location he was found in, we believe he is an escaped pet.

We don’t know how he was cared for originally, or how long he had been escaped for. We appealed on Facebook for owners, in pet related groups and local groups. We also used paid ads to target people in the area he was found, but no one has come forward.

Heath is in good condition, so we don’t think he was out for very long. He is a good weight and showing no signs of ill-health. He is clear of pinworm and has eaten/shed perfectly with us.

He is a sweetheart to handle and very well behaved. He can be a bit head-shy and jittery, but that’s relatively normal for a snake his age.

A very sweet little snake, who’s a proven Houdini!

Care Requirements:

Heath will need a 4ft vivarium as a minimum, to allow space to exercise and move around. A caged over-head heat source should be fitted with a suitable thermostat to maintain a warm-side temperature of 32C. The cool side should sit below 23C. A low-level UV bulb should be provided – 5% ideally. He is currently on small mice weekly, but this will increase as he grows. Due to his size, we recommend using a smaller, more secure enclosure while he grows – we can loan this if needed.

Our care guide for corn snakes can be found HERE.

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Heath is now ready to find his new home.

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