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Vimto is a ghost motley corn snake, with an unknown age. He has now been probed as male. He was handed in by his previous owners to allow another family to give him more time and attention.

He was previously kept in a converted glass/wood cabinet, 2x1x4ft (LxDxH). He had paper shreddings for substrate and was fed mice sporadically, with no additional heat in the enclosure.

He arrived underweight and dehydrated, but otherwise healthy. He eats his food every time and has shed perfectly while in our care. His faecal exam revealed traces of pinworm, but not enough to treat.

Vimto was advised as a “biter” by his previous owners, and he has been known to bite us when handling. He is very food-orientated and care has to be taken to not be mistaken for food when approaching the vivarium. He has since calmed down, but one to be wary of as he does like to randomly bite – not out of aggressive/defense, just due to being in “food mode”.

A corn snake with the heart of a viper, but stunning.

Care Requirements:

Vimto will need a 4x1x1ft vivarium as a minimum, to allow space to exercise and move around. A caged over-head heat source should be fitted with a suitable thermostat to maintain a warm-side temperature of 32C. The cool side should sit below 23C. A low-level UV bulb should be provided – 5% ideally. He is now fed on a standard diet, of large mice every 2-3 weeks.

Our care guide for corn snakes can be found HERE.

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