Basil lives in a permanent foster home.

Basil is a common boa constrictor of around 6ft long. He’s believed to be male. He was found in Baschurch and was advertised as a lost pet. No owner was found so he became an intake of the rescue.

As a found animal, we don’t know anything about Basil’s previous care.

Basil was in good health when he was found, but he had a bad infestation of mites so was treated accordingly. He is very friendly and happy to be handled.

Unfortunately, Basil tested positive for Reptarenavirus (a virus which causes diseases such as IBD). It is incurable and contagious to other snakes, it may also cause health issues in the future, so Basil could not be adopted out. Instead, Basil has moved to a permanent foster home whilst still under the care of Jelly Exotics.

A large, loveable lad!