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Celia is a 5 year old, female, wild-type royal python. She was handed in to us as her previous keeper had long-term health problems which prohibited them from caring for her.

She was previously housed in a 4ft wooden vivarium with overhead heat and was fed medium rats weekly.

Celia is a little over average in her weight, but not worryingly so. She arrived with some stuck eye caps, so her shedding will need to be monitored to ensure this doesn’t build up. She’s very friendly and easy to handle!

A beautiful snake, perfect for beginners.

Care Requirements:

Celia will need a 5ft wooden vivarium as a minimum, to allow space to exercise and move around. A caged over-head heat source should be fitted with a suitable thermostat to maintain a warm-side temperature of 32C. The cool side should sit below 23C. A low-level UVB tube light of 5-7% should be provided. Celia is usually fed a small rat every 2-3 weeks, but we sometimes vary food sizes to add some variety!

Our care guide for royal pythons can be found HERE.

Interested in Adoption?

If you think Celia might be the snake for you, please complete the Adoption Application linked below and we’ll be in touch…