Drew lives with one of our fosterers.

Drew is a female, 4 year old, African fat-tailed gecko. She was surrendered to Jelly Exotics as her previous keepers felt they did not have the experience required to care for her. She was housed in a 30x30x30cm Exo Terra with a heat mat and small overhead bulb. She had calci-sand, a water dish and one hide. Her keepers only managed to get her to eat ham and chicken with no supplementation.

When she arrived, Drew was a little underweight and had a regrown tail. She also had a slight jaw deformity (most likely from Metabolic Bone Disease or an old injury) and showed no interest in food. She is fed on Emeraid critical care and is slowly being transitioned to feeder insects, but the process is slow and goes back and forth. Drew has moved in with Bev, one of our fosterers, to continue her one-on-one care.

Drew is perfect to handle and is a very sweet girl!