Eron lives with one of our fosterers.

Eron is an adult corn snake, of unknown age and unknown morph. We assume he is male, but he hasn’t been probed. He was found loose on The Wrekin by some walkers who reported it on Facebook. One of our amazing volunteers went up with her family to locate and and trap him.

When found, Eron had a large, maggot-infested wound, a severely kinked spine and was very underweight. He was put straight into a hospital enclosure and an appointment was made with the vet to determine his quality of life. The vets agreed that he was worth fighting for, so we treated his wound and continued to care for him and made regular vet check ups. His wound is not healed and he is even eating and pooping on his own! However, his spine will always be deformed and he has limited to no feeling in the lower half of his body.

Eron is very friendly and easy to handle. We are now working on exercising him to build up his muscles!