Hercules lives with one of our trustee.

Hercules is a male, black rat snake (possibly hybridised with a corn snake) he’s an adult but we don’t know his exact age. He’s VERY long, at around 5ft! He was surrendered to us as his previous owner felt they did not have the time to care for him. He was kept in a 4×1.5×1.5ft vivarium with overhead heat and was extremely underweight upon his arrival.

Due to his very low weight, Hercules had hardly any muscle mass when he came in. He was unable to hold himself up properly and showed signs of dehydration, but was alert and active. He is a brilliant eater and has put on a fantastic amount of weight and muscle. Carol, one of our trustees, fell head over heels with Hercules and now cares for him full time.

Hercules is super friendly, is great to handle and always moving!