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Under Quarantine…

Hope is a new intake, so is currently in quarantine for health and behavioural assessment.

Sumi is a large, older corn snake believed to be female and around 10 years old. She was surrendered alongside Sumi, after their previous keeper got them from someone who was not properly caring for them. They could not get them to eat so have surrendered them.

They were previously kept in a vivarium (of unknown size) together with another snake, no heat and were not fed for the month they were there. They were then separated by the previous keeper. Hope was moved to a 4ft on her own with overhead heat and refused food for the previous keeper for around a month.

Hope has eaten a meal within the rescue! She is very friendly to handle and has large ‘fat lumps’ along her tail which will be seen by a vet to check for fluid retention. She also has signs of scale rot and mites, so has been treated accordingly. We are hopeful that, in time, she will make a recovery.

Chunky and loveable lady!

Care Requirements:

Hope will need a 4ft vivarium as a minimum, to allow space to exercise and move around. A caged, overhead heat source should be fitted with a suitable thermostat to maintain a warm-side temperature of 32C. The cool side should sit below 23C. A low-level UV bulb should be provided – 5-7% ideally. Hope should be fed a medium/large mouse every 2/3 weeks.

Our care guide for corn snakes can be found HERE.

Interested in Adoption?

Sorry, Hope is currently UNAVAILABLE for adoption.

If you think Hope might be the snake for you, please complete the Adoption Application linked below and we’ll be in touch…