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Under Quarantine…

Igor is a new intake, so is currently in his minimum quarantine period.

Igor is a male boa imperator believed to be 3-4 years old. His previous keeper was a vet who had him signed over to them in their practice after he came in with mouth rot. After treating the mouth rot and getting him eating, he was surrendered to us to find a new home.

He was kept in a 60×40 rack system whilst being treated and was fed large weaner rats or day old chicks every 3 weeks.

Igor arrived a little under-conditioned and small for his age, possibly due to past eating issues. He has a small kink in his neck area. As standard, we have had him tested for Arenavirus. He’s been friendly to handle s far!

Gorgeous snake in need of some love.

Care Requirements:

Igor will need an enclosure that is a minimum of 6x3x3ft and their keeper will need to be willing to upgrade this as they grow if necessary. They will need a caged overhead basking bulb set to 32 degrees celcius with a dimming thermostat, as well as a caged UVB source of 5-7%. Crystal will need at least 2 hides, appropriate decor for climbing and a suitable substrate – such as fine grade orchid bark or a sand/soil mix. They are fed a weaner rat every 3-4 weeks with timings and prey sizes sometimes varied for a natural diet.

Interested in Adoption?

Sorry, Igor is currently UNAVAILABLE for adoption.

If you think Igor might be the snake for you, please complete the Adoption Application linked below and we’ll be in touch…