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Liquorice is an adult, male crested gecko but is small in size. He was surrendered as his previous keeper no longer had the space to continue caring for him, due to a change in family circumstances.

He was kept in a converted cabinet of adequate size, with overhead heat. He was fed a powdered crestie diet and occasional live insects. We don’t know anything else about his circumstances.

Liquorice arrived underweight and dehydrated, so was given sub-cutaneous fluids by the vet. He isn’t a fan of lots of handling, but will tolerate it for short periods. This may be due to his close proximity to a female.

A crestie full of character!

Care Requirements:

Liquorice will need a glass enclosure that is a minimum of 60cmx45cmx45cm (HxWxD), such as an Exo Terra. They will need an overhead basking bulb to maintain a hot side temperature of 28-30C and a low-level UVB bulb (10%). These work best in an Exo Terra canopy of the appropriate size on top of the mesh lid of the enclosure. They require a soil substrate and misting twice daily to hold humidity, as well as lots of decor and hiding places in the upper half of the enclosure (as they are arboreal). They should be fed a powdered crestie diet (such as Repashy or Pangea) every other day and live insects once a week.

Our care guide for crested geckos can be found HERE.

Interested in Adoption?

Sorry, Liquorice is now RESERVED for adoption!

If you think Liquorice might be the gecko for you, please complete the Adoption Application linked below and we’ll be in touch…