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Monty is a 7 year old, wild-type royal python. He’s probed as a male. He was handed in by his owners after losing confidence handling him and becoming nervous of him.

His previous housing was a 3×1.5ft wooden enclosure, with an overhead heat bulb on a thermostat. He was kept on lignocel, with lots of cover and hiding places.

Monty arrived in good condition. He has a few damaged scales that look like they may have been resting in damp as they showed some off colours, however these will be monitored during the next shed cycle. He is slightly overweight, but not overly concerning.

The perfect first reptile and family pet.

Care Requirements:

Monty will need a 4ft wooden vivarium as a minimum, to allow space to exercise and move around. A caged over-head heat source should be fitted with a suitable thermostat to maintain a warm-side temperature of 32C. The cool side should sit below 23C. A low-level UVB tube light of 5-7% should be provided. Monty is usually fed a small weaner rat every 2-3 weeks, but we sometimes vary food sizes to add some variety!

Our care guide for royal pythons can be found HERE.

Interested in Adoption?

If you think Monty might be the snake for you, please complete the Adoption Application linked below and we’ll be in touch…