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Under Quarantine…

Munchie is a new intake so is currently in his minimum quarantine period.

Munchie is a baby bearded dragon of around 16 weeks old. He was surrendered with 2 siblings by their breeder, as they were moving and couldn’t take them or rehome them due to health issues.

His previous enclosure was a 3ft vivarium with overhead heat and UVB. He was housed with 2 siblings and fed salad daily and insects most days.

Munchie is fairly active. He arrived with some kind of virus infection that affected his eyes, and is the smallest of the trio of siblings.

Cutie with a fighting spirit!

Care Requirements:

Munchie will need a minimum of 4x2x2ft wooden vivarium to allow for correct temperature and UVB gradients. A white basking bulb should be fitted at one end of the enclosure, powered through a dimming thermostat to maintain a temperature between 40-45C. A 10-14% UVB tube should be fitted across the top of the enclosure, ideally with a reflector directing the UVB downwards. A combination of hard and loose substrate will ideally be provided to allow for natural behaviours. Munchie is fed fresh salad daily and live insects almost daily with Calcidust and Nutrobal supplements.

Interested in Adoption?

Sorry, Munchie is currently UNAVAILABLE for adoption!

If you think Munchie might be the lizard for you, please complete the Adoption Application linked below and we’ll be in touch…