Opal lives with one of our trustees.

Opal is a male, silkback bearded dragon. His hatch date was 26th August 2019 and he came to us in October 2020. He was surrendered to Jelly Exotics as his previous keepers felt they did not have the time for his complex needs. Silkback bearded dragons are bred to have no scales, and so unfortunately live with many health issues such as trouble shedding, light sensitivity and skin problems.

Upon his arrival, Opal was missing some of his toe tips and the end of his tail due to his siblings nibbling them when he was a baby. He also has constant stuck shed, so requires regular bathing. He has a deformed jaw and depth perception issues due to the lack of scales holding in his eyes, which causes them to bulge and have issues draining. Opal is also fussy with food and has to be hand fed as he can’t see it very well!

Opal is a very friendly beardie who loves being out!