Our Sponsors

Jelly Exotics relies on sponsors to fund the behind-the-scenes expenses of running the rescue – our insurance, the website and more. Without their support, we simply couldn’t afford to continue our work. We believe in working with businesses that are in line with our charity objectives, and we will only work with those that we are 100% happy with the service they provide and the quality of their products!

Our 2021 Head Sponsor

We are still on the look-out for a main sponsor. Check out our specifications and apply here.

Our 2021 Digital Sponsors

Snoozy Reptiles

“Snoozy Reptiles was created because of a very special but fussy leopard gecko named Aero. Aero hates most things but he loves his tent. I decided maybe other geckos might be like Aero and like to snuggle ,so I set up a little shop and decided to sell them…

…I decided to sponsor Jelly Exotics as I have rescued and rehomed many animals over the years. I feel its so important to have places like this to help animals in need, especially Reptiles. Its a great thing they are doing by helping to find these animals their forever home.” – Charlotte Owner of Snoozy Reptiles

Mantis Den

“I’ve always been fascinated by insects and once I reached 14 years old, I was finally able to start collecting. After years of building my knowledge, it was mantids that stole most of my interest; everything about them fascinates me! My aim is to share in the passion I have for these alien-like creatures…

…The decision to sponsor Jelly Exotics was an easy decision. She’s always supported my invertebrate adventure. She takes great care of her animals and puts in loads of time and dedication. I’d love to help her on her adventure as she has mine!” – Liam Owner of Mantis Den

Powys Pythons

“Here at Powys Pythons we have a fascination with all things reptile, particularly pythons and boas. Our focus has primarily been on breeding Royal Pythons due to the sheer diverse beauty that can be created through their genetics. This isn’t a hobby, it’s a passion…

…I’ve kept an eye on what Jelly Exotics have been doing with their rescue work right from the start. To say I am impressed by their dedication to ensuring the best possible care for the animals they rescue and rehabilitate is an understatement. I only wish I could do more to assist… not that they need my help.”