Pebbles lives with one of our trustees.

Pebbles is an adult, female leopard gecko. She was surrendered to Jelly Exotics as her previous keepers felt they did not have the time to care for her due to a new baby. She was housed in a 5ft vivarium with another leopard gecko and fed hoppers, crickets and mealworms, but we do not know much else about her previous life.

Due to the cohabitation, Pebbles was underweight on her arrival and had clear growths in her abdomen and one her back right foot. Upon a visit to the vet, it was found she had abscesses in her abdomen and an infection in her foot that had caused her bones to practically disintegrate. She underwent surgery to remove her leg, the masses and her ovaries (to prevent further growths from occurring).

Pebbles is a lovely gecko and very friendly!