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Under Quarantine…

Due to an outbreak of Reptarenavirus in our quarantine space, Pickit is currently unavailable.

Pickit is believed to be a young chequered garter snake. He was named by the rescue team after being found in a garden of a lock shop in Madeley. After his owner did not come forward, Pickit became a rescue intake on 17th August 2022.

Their previous enclosure is unknown, but their finder contained them in a recycling box until we collected them.

Pickit had various wounds along their body and tail (both old and new) from unknown causes. He was taken to the vets and given a course of antibiotics to fight infection. He is friendly to handle but a little stressed from his experience so can be feisty.

An adorable little fighter!

Care Requirements:

Pickit will need a vivarium that is a minimum of 3×1.5×1.5ft in size. He’ll require an overhead basking bulb on a dimming thermostat, set to 30C on the warm end, facilitating a drop to around 22C on the cool end of the enclosure. A 2-5% UVB system should also be used. These should be on for 10-12 hours a day. Pickit will need a loose substrate and lots of decor to help him feel safe. He should be fed a small pinkie once a week.

Interested in Adoption?

Sorry, Pickit is currently UNAVAILABLE for adoption!

If you think Pickit might be the snake for you, please complete the Adoption Application linked below and we’ll be in touch…