Adoption Process

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If you’re thinking of adopting from us, that’s brilliant!

Our aim when finding homes for our animals is to find their perfect match, even if that means waiting a little longer for them to come around – we don’t rush destiny!

If you’re interested in an animal, we’ll probably ask you a few questions to get an idea of your experience and whether you would be suited to that individual.

We’re happy to rehome to complete beginners or experienced keepers depending on the animal you want to adopt, so don’t worry if you’re new to the reptile world.

Please bear in mind, we take the care of exotic pets very seriously. If you are not willing to provide their basic needs, we will refuse to rehome an animal to you.

We’re quite informal when it comes to our adoption process, but generally we follow the below process.

Step 1Follow their progress
Make sure to follow our social pages to stay updated on our animal’s progress. You will also then be the first to know when they become ready for rehoming.

Step 2Tell us you’re interested
If you have your heart set on someone, let us know! Whether they’re ready to leave or not, complete a form or just contact us to let us know you’re interested – an animal can be reserved verbally at any stage.

Step 3Official availability
Once an animal is ready to leave us for adoption, the reserved party is notified first, if they have changed their mind, then interested parties are informed.

Step 4Getting ready
We work closely with whoever has reserved an animal to make sure they have everything ready for their new arrival (this can include sending photos and home visits) and set an official date for collection.

Step 5The handover
When that date finally arrives, we’ll need you to sign an adoption form before handing the animal over. You’ll also get your full adoption pack.

We will always be available for on-going support or advice, and prefer to stay in touch where we can. We treat all animals that come to us as our own family so they really do mean a lot to us.