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Under quarantine…

Lizzie is a young bearded dragon, thought to be around 6 months old. She is currently too young to sex accurately. She was handed in by someone who was left with her as an unwanted pet, but knew nothing about them and didn’t want to keep her.

Lizzie has some neurological problems, that will be checked by a vet and monitored closely. This does not stop her eating however, and while it take a little longer to catch bugs, she enjoys chasing them. She eats salad daily and despite being kept on calcium sand previously, she passes faeces daily.

She is very nervous, but so far not aggressive. Lots of trust building to be had, but at her age this will likely not be a problem.

Still being assessed.

Care Requirements:

Lizzie will need a minimum of 4x2x2ft wooden vivarium to allow for correct temperature and UVB gradients. A white basking bulb should be fitted at one end of the enclosure, powered through a dimming thermostat to maintain a temperature between 40-45C. A 10-14% UVB tube should be fitted across the top of the enclosure, ideally with a reflector directing the UVB downwards. A combination of hard and loose substrate will ideally be provided to allow for natural behaviours.

Our care guide for bearded dragons can be found HERE.

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