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Under quarantine…

Shula is a 3 year old bearded dragon, believed to be female, however the vet has advised she is likely a male. He was handed in after someone purchased a pair of cohabiting bearded dragons, that did not get along. Unfortunately, Shula was the one being bullied and is in much worse condition than Cyrus, the other male dragon, who stayed with the owner.

He is not in the greatest of health, appearing to be severely underweight and missing a toe on his right front leg. He has what looks to be an old eye injury that has since healed but a vet advised he has a cataract also. His spine has a significant kink towards the neck, which the vet has confirmed is a deformity that could have been caused by an old injury or infection – it should not affect him but may shorten his life-span. He does eat well however, and moves around perfectly fine.

He is docile and easy to deal with, which may change as his condition improves.

A poorly dragon in need of some TLC.

Care Requirements:

Shula will need a minimum of 4x2x2ft wooden vivarium to allow for correct temperature and UVB gradients. A white basking bulb should be fitted at one end of the enclosure, powered through a dimming thermostat to maintain a temperature between 40-45C. A 10-14% UVB tube should be fitted across the top of the enclosure, ideally with a reflector directing the UVB downwards. A combination of hard and loose substrate will ideally be provided to allow for natural behaviours.

Our care guide for bearded dragons can be found HERE.

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