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Under quarantine…

Zebadee is a 3 year old bearded dragon, thought to be male. The young man who handed him in did so very bravely; he was sad to see him go, but knew he was not caring for him as he required.

He looks in good shape so far besides having mites. His fat pads are slightly smaller than they should be, but with a healthy diet, he will soon put on the weight that’s needed.

He is quite nervous when handling and will black-beard, open his mouth and tail whip. If pushed he will bite. Zebadee seems to be improving. He is black bearding far less and will even hand feed. Perhaps consider a quiet home for rehoming he seems to get uncomfortable if there is a lot going on in the room.

A nervous dragon in need of lots of love and trust-building.

Care Requirements:

Zebadee will need a minimum of 4x2x2ft wooden vivarium to allow for correct temperature and UVB gradients. A white basking bulb should be fitted at one end of the enclosure, powered through a dimming thermostat to maintain a temperature between 40-45C. A 10-14% UVB tube should be fitted across the top of the enclosure, ideally with a reflector directing the UVB downwards. A combination of hard and loose substrate will ideally be provided to allow for natural behaviours.

Our care guide for bearded dragons can be found HERE.

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