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Under Quarantine…

Shoelace is a new intake so is currently in his minimum quarantine period.

Shoelace is a male blue tongue skink of around 7 years old. He was surrendered after suffering a back injury which his keeper felt they did not have the ability to care for.

His was previously kept in a 4x2x2ft vivarium with overhead heat and UVB. He had a very naturalistic and enriching environment and was fed grain-free meat, fruit, Bluey Buffet, live insects and occasionally egg.

Shoelace arrived with a back injury. He had been seen by a vet who believed the injury was due to an infection eating away at his bone, but the rest of his skeleton was okay. He is very tolerant of handling and moves around fine (but has weaker back legs). We will be continuing to monitor his injury to make sure that his quality of life is good.

An adorable sausage!

Care Requirements:

Shoelace will need a minimum of 4x2x2ft wooden vivarium to allow for correct temperature and UVB gradients. A white basking bulb should be fitted at one end of the enclosure, powered through a dimming thermostat to maintain a temperature between 30-32C. A 10-14% UVB tube should be fitted across the top of the enclosure, ideally with a reflector directing the UVB downwards. A combination of hard and loose substrate will ideally be provided to allow for natural behaviours. Shoelace is fed grain-free meat 2-3 times per week with salad and occasional treats of fruit or Bluey Buffet, with Calcidust and Nutrobal supplements.

Interested in Adoption?

Sorry, Shoelace is currently UNAVAILABLE for adoption!

If you think Shoelace might be the lizard for you, please complete the Adoption Application linked below and we’ll be in touch…