Displays and Training

Jelly Exotics are fully insured to attend events with a selection of animals from our team, all of which are tried and tested with the public and proven perfect for getting up close and personal with! Take a look at the bottom of the page to see which animals we use for events…

Sometimes we will have new animals that will be looking to test their nerve at working with the public. These will only attend with permission from the event organiser, and will clearly be marked on the day – these animals will only be available after successful handling testing at home.

Educational Displays

As part of our aim to provide public education on exotic pets, we offer a range of educational workshops for the public, school, scouts and other groups! These workshops vary depending on the age and needs of the group. We will speak with you prior to the event to determine what you would like to gain from the session, so that every display is tailored to your group. Examples of activities included in our educational workshops are:

  • Animal demonstrations and handling
  • Exotic pet care talks
  • Talks on animal sector careers
  • Reptile based games
  • Reptile themed props and sensory experiences

We can also provide freebies such as stickers, pieces of snake shed and reptile themed colouring or puzzle pages!

Pet Shop Visits

We are now offering expert pet shop visits! For these, we will visit your store for an allocated time slot and interact with customers that have questions about exotic pet keeping. We may bring props and animals (depending on the setting and needs of the visit), to generate interest in the public and welcome them to chat to us whilst in your store.

Training Programs

As well as educational displays, we also offer specialised training sessions for businesses in the animal sector (including pet shops, petting zoos, vet practices and more). These programs aim to widen staff understanding of exotic pet species, so that they can further support keepers in creating better lives for their animals, as well as work appropriately with the different species themselves! As with our displays, these sessions are tailored to the needs of the business, so we would meet with you to understand what you need from us and how we can help you. Examples of topics that can be included in our training programs are:

  • Reptile handling (with your animals or ours)
  • Common exotic pet problems
  • Up to date exotic pet husbandry
  • Who can help if you need it

Fees and Donations

We do not ask for set fees for our displays and training programs, because we run them as an educational service for the community. However if you wish to donate towards our work, then that would be fantastic! Alternatively, we can have a collection tub on our table to raise public funds at the event.

The Animals

When animals are required for an event, we like to bring a range of species! These can include, snakes (corn snakes, royal pythons, boas), lizards (leopard geckos, crested geckos, African fat-tailed geckos, bearded dragons), tortoises and invertebrates (tarantulas, millipedes, giant African land snails, stick/leaf insects, hissing cockroaches). We are always expanding our events team, but the animals used are always pets or resident rescues to keep everyone safe!

Take a look at a few of our beautiful event animals below…

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