Education & Displays

Looking for something a little bit different to add to an event you’re planning? Perhaps you’re running a charity fundraiser and want to bring some animal entertainment to the party…

Jelly Exotics are fully insured to attend events with a selection of animals from our team, all of which are tried and tested with the public and proven perfect for getting up close and personal with. Check out “The Animals” page to see who is available for displays.

Sometimes we will have new animals that will be looking to test their nerve at working with the public. These will only attend with permission from the event organiser, and will clearly be marked on the day – these will only be available after successful handling testing at home.

2020 will be a trial period for us to see what our potential is within the industry. Because of this, we are only available for charity events, community groups, or during our own fundraising events.

Interested? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to enquire about a booking. We are only attending certain events this year in order to test and develop our display program, so please give as much information as possible and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, contact us on Facebook.

Due to the fact we are only looking to attend charity fundraisers, self-promotional events or educational displays for communities, we are not asking for any fees. If you wish to donate towards our work, then that would be fantastic, or alternatively we can have a collection tub on our display table to raise public funds.

2021 will be a new year, in which we will be obtaining a full license that will allow us to attend birthday parties, corporate events and more, so stick with us until we’re ready!