The Rescue Centre

We offer a rescue service for exotic pets in the local community and can collect an animal within 50 miles of our location, free-of-charge, with no negative implications. Whether you have a pet that you can no longer accommodate for, or have found an animal in desperate need of care and attention, we are happy to help in any way we can.


If you have or know of an animal in need of our services, please contact us and provide as much detail as possible. Each case is assessed individually, by our trustees and a decision is made based on urgency, species and space within the rescue.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take every animal in. This can be due to multiple reasons, but it all comes down to providing the best for every animal. If we are unable to accommodate a certain species due to space or our experience, we will do our best to help you in other ways – whether that be offering assistance at home to care for them until we do have space, or referring you to another trusted rescue centre.


All of our intakes are placed in a quarantined enclosure to assess their health and behaviour. They are given a full health check by a competent trustee, or a vet/vet nurse, and left to settle while monitoring their feeding schedule and observing for signs of infection or parasites. A faecal test is obtained at the earliest convenience and sent to the vets for analysis.

Any signs of infection or parasites are treated appropriately, with a vet appointment being made if required and a necessary treatment plan followed.

Once an animal is known to be free of parasites and healthy for a minimum of 2 weeks in quarantine, they are given a simple substrate and observed for a minimum of 2 further weeks for continued normality and natural behaviours.


From arrival, our animals are assessed for rehoming, using a simple scoring system designed to evaluate different aspects of an animal’s personality that may affect rehoming suitability.

  • Health – includes infections and diseases that can be treated.
  • Condition – includes physical conditions that may or may not be treatable but can be managed.
  • Behaviour – includes an animals behaviours in and out of the enclosure compared to what is expected for a species.
  • Attitude – includes their tolerance to humans and handling.

Health and Behaviour must be optimum before an animal is made available for rehoming. Condition and Attitude are dependant on severity, management and the experience of the new owner.

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